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Wi-Fi Gadgeteer Module


Just a little sneak peek of a new Wi-Fi Gadgeteer module from Iot Labs. It is based on the Bluegiga WF121 module which supports 802.11 b/g/n. The current iteration uses Socket K, but may be changed to Socket S to support over the air updates. I would be interested in hearing everyones opinion on whether that feature is important. The module will be available with either an integrated antenna or a connector for an external antenna.


Very nice. How much does it sell for and where to buy one?


Pricing has not been set, but it should be around $60 US. The release date is yet to be determined and the website is not finished yet.


Nice to have options.

(I was eyeing that for a module as well, you beat me to it … which is not hard to do, as I move at a sloth’s pace :smiley: )


It’s a great module and has built in scripting capabilities via BGScript. Yeah, it’s taken a while for me to get to this point too, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


@ munderhill - Awesome. I am always reevaluating the available wifi chips, because the CC3000 has issues. I seriously considered BlueGiga chips. But here were my concerns:

[ul]More expensive than CC3000 (by 2X)
No Wifi Protected Setup
No SmartConfig or similar
Potentially worse API than CC3000[/ul]

[ul]Potentially better API than CC3000 (less buggy)
Option for a model without a TCP stack for much less cost, but BlueGiga does not seem amenable to helping with the CSPI interface specs.
Integrated antenna
Easier assembly and PCB debug[/ul]


@ Valkyrie-MT - Yes, it is more expensive (quality, right) and it does not currently support HTTPS or WPS and yes the API was a lot more difficult to decipher. But I think it is more stable than the CC3000 (based on everything that I have read about it) and it was relatively easy to create a Gadgeteer module from it.