Why this community rocks

So I am chatting with a friend of mine and in the conversation it comes up that his wife thinks he is on a bathroom break, when in all actuality he is in his home office doing nerd stuff. He walked by the office and couldn’t resist the temptation to be a nerd for 5 more minutes. I think that my friends sums it up for most of us on the forum and that is why this community rocks… :smiley:


I think I might know that guy :wink:

@ ianlee74 - You’ve been around long enough so I would bet that you know him as well…

I am now “watching a movie with the kids” but somehow responding to this thread lol


We are watching “Spy Kids 2”… ;D

@ Gary -

I have been helping my 10 year old granddaughter (1 of 5) build a TAMIYA Twin Motor Gearbox .
It will drive a TAMIYA Pulley Unit Set for a animated animal she drew and cut out of cardboard.

Twin Motor Gearbox because she wants it to go REALLY fast!

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That sounds like me. I work from home so I can wander in and out. Speaking of which, it’s Sat afternoon and here I am on the forum in my little room. :slight_smile:

You and me both. I just got back from two weeks of ‘vacation’, so I am just dying for a hit of coding.

@ Gary - How much do you have to pay him to be your friend?

And your lists are for pussies so don’t bother harping on about putting me on one :smiley:

He probably has a special one just for you :slight_smile:

I am assuming we will see a video soon (hint hint)

Lol, join the club

I’ll just delete all of your profiles, so boom goes the dynamite