Why the WiFi RN171 Module get 11% Off soon?

I think I buy this Module very early when GHI Just posting it.
But after 3 days pass, I see there are getting 11% Off.
It is not Fair for the custom whom buy this Module in early stage.
Feeling bad.


Prices and sales will always come and go. Hopefully you will take advantage of any sale now or in the future.

Thank you Gus.
I know the Prices and sales will always come and go.
But the problem is the timing.
You seldom see the Apple, MS, Asus… change their price for their new products in few days.
I don’t care the saving money, it is not much for me.
I may guess, ok, maybe many members in the forum think the price is higher so GHI reduce the price.
Ha, maybe only I have this feeling.
Anyway, looking forward to get my module to try.