Why should I become an insider?

Well, you get some very very exclusive deals. 50% discounts and more. You learn about the “awesomest” new inventions from GHI.

No you can’t buy your way into it. You need to be an active contributor to the community to get in and also need to sign an NDA so we can share insider info with you.

Here are two example videos posted on the insider forum yesterday, from Architect and IanLee.

The robot is meant to run flat down but these guys are up for a callange and they want to make it balance. Do you think they can?

Yes this is just a tease. No more info will be provided today :slight_smile: So start saving money to buy one of these awesome C# VB gadgeteer robots! Your kids will love it, your wife will love it and it can bring you beer if you want :wink:


proceed with caution…

only join if you want to know about GHI products a long time before the general public and can resist “spilling the beans”. it is hard to keep quiet when someone asks a question and you know the perfect solution is on the way, but you are muzzled by the NDA.

the fabulous discounts are also nice, but it can be frustrating when you wait too long and miss an offering.


So the folks who are not insiders - missed out on the Cerbbot discounts ?? :smiley:

Well, I guess the pressure to make it balance is really on now… :slight_smile:

I just joined the Insiders a tad too late to get in on this, but I’ve been wanting to join for a long time as I have a lot of respect for the guys already in this group and joining the Insiders group is a great way to take your Gadgeteering to the next level.

@ Duke Nukem - Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

im looking forward to the time when i can join the insiders group. maybe one day i will also get s workshop like ianlee74’s :wink:

I’d recommend one a little neater and more organized :wink:

LOL! I feel your pain, Ian. The little corner of my office that’s devoted to electronics looks like somebody dropped a bomb on it. Really need to reorganize all my stuff there. Not that my office overall is much better. :frowning: