Why me?

For the first time in a few years, my daughter and her dirty little friends at school gave me the flu! Needless to say today isn’t a fun day for the both of us, if we can go to school and work tomorrow I am going to spray every little kid i see with Lysol!!! :wall:

On the bright side, you are now drinking hot chocolate and watching the beautiful snow outside :wall:

Get well :slight_smile:

Being at work drinking slushies sounds like more fun to me :wink:

@ Gary, get well soon you poor baby.

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@ Gus - lol, I wish I could hold down the hot chocolate :-[

When I saw the title “why me” first thought that came to mind is Gary won the $1.5 billion lotto and can’t understand why he was chosen. :whistle:

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If I won the 1.5 billion I would be redecorating my office at GHI today and not at home dealing with a sick 5 year old and being sick…lol

Get well!

Oh, I just can’t resist this one. Picture the guy in this video as being Gary. :slight_smile:



I think that may actually be Gary.