Why is there no HDMI on the OSD product line?

I don’t see the connector or the transceiver, am I missing something ?

@ Designer - There is no HDMI framer. The pins are there though.

You can easily add it by referencing the beagle bone schematics. But why do you need hdmi on an embedded device?

Which is technically true, HDMI is really for screens that are kinda far and kinda large. Want a media center? Get a PI. However it can run many displays firstly the NewHeaven stuff which it’s built for. Then there is a myriad of SPI based displays (which btw, the hdmi takes up one of the two SPI ports on the BBB and this module). There is even the possibility of a usb display (if you can get a debian driver).
Ethernet can be attached once you wire up the usb host; not to mention wifi, and bluetooth.