Why is Codeshare no longer listed under the Community menu?

I know a lot of the code is well out of date but it is handy to search through.

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@ Dave McLaughlin -

Hidden like

which I feel should be a direct link. No other place that I know of to find the info about some old module you have.

It is all part of a mug bigger plan :slight_smile:


@ cyberh0me - no, we love doing random things, just to see your reaction :slight_smile:


@ Mike -

Here in Chicago a mug is some guy that comes along and tries to beat the crap out of you.

In Scotland a mug is someone who falls for some scam.

Here in Tennessee, a mug is a vessel for which Jack Daniels can be transported to the lips if a shot glass is not handy. :wink:

During Ramadan here in Jakarta, you can only get your beer served in a mug. :slight_smile:

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