Whoo Hooo! FEZ Christmas in February!

Just got an email that I got a gift certificate for the FEZ Christmas contest. Whoo Hooo! :smiley:

Me too! Cool, isn’t it! ;D

Thanks GHI!!

I got it as well…

I know I haven’t been around for a while, been working many hours and starting a new business, but I will be more active in the future here…

Just wanted to stop by quick and say …

Thank You for the Xmas Gift GHI!!

Mike in MN

Me too!

I will take this as a late Valentine’s gift…

I love you too GHI :-[!

Me too.

Thank You for the Xmas Gift GHI, and happy late holidays. :wink:

We had better plan/surprise but the “fez move” GHI doing is consuming most of our time.

Next Xmas will bring us more surprises I think

So, merry Xmas, a bit late :slight_smile:

Woo got mine

Thanks GHI you rock.

Got mine too…let the shopping commence! :smiley:

thank you!

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks GHI! Even though it is late, it is still awesome! 8)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks GHI!

I guess I’ve been bad this year :frowning:

My wish was not granted. I am happy for everybody else! ;D

GHI rocks!

Not true, it was granted :slight_smile: Maybe they forgot to send you an email

Fell of the chair already, while waiting for SDK! :o Thanks a lot!!! :dance:

Waiting with baited breath to see if i was a good little fezzer or not…