Who knows what this is?

Working on porting a game. Any guesses? :wink:

Metroid or Contra?

Nope! :wink:

Early Duke Nukem?

Boulder dash ?

The mighty Prince of Persia?

It’s the netMF Emulator !

C’mon, that’s gotta win the prize? :slight_smile:


Lol :smiley:

Manic miner?

An advanced level of Dig Dug? :slight_smile:

That’s a corner of windows v1 for gadgeteer

Mega Man?

Ok, here is another hint. (The guy in fez is not Gus, btw)

@ Architect - lol - classic

Rick Dangerous :smiley:


Looks like Donkey Kong + Mario in Egypt.

I dunno, a game where you shoot the guys wearing a FEZ…what would Gus say?

I would say I am way overloaded finishing this low cost-battery module you have asked for months back lol! Just adding a power switch now and it is done! It is areal simple one, not the rechargeable one, that is next.


Is it my birthday again?! Do want!

Along w/ some replacements for a couple of modules I broke last night trying to get a video of PicoMax done. :frowning: