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Who is that?


Does anyone know who that is that I am standing next to?


@ Gary - It might be helpful if we did not have to turn our monitors to have a good look… :wink:


@ Aron - It’s my signature style thanks to the members on my “list”


Nicolas Villar of MS Research?


@ Mike - AKA “The Godfather of Gadgeteer”


This was not a contest? :smiley:


For days like this my neck thanks my monitor. Gary is the only use case for this rotation capability.



@ Mike - lol…a contest of fun and almost useless knowledge :whistle:


@ Rajesh - It just wouldn’t feel right to post a picture with the correct orientation! :smiley:




@ Gus - Do you want to be put on my special “list” with everyone else who might deserve it? 8)


Useless knowledge is my speciality!