Who has made the leap and how did it go?

With all the new, exciting announcements I’m curious who has actually made the leap into VS2013 Community and the latest NetMF and SDK releases and what your experience has been. I’m just about to make the leap but it would sure help to hear how others who have made the leap have survived (or not).


@ Gene - I actually started using Community yesterday, working out really well so far. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using VS2013 Community on Surface Pro 3’s for the Gadgeteer classes I’ve been teaching for awhile now, no problems.

The only problem we have run into with the Surface Pro 3’s is they have only one USB port so a USB hub is a good idea, but I always use a powered USB hub when I’m Gadgeteering.

I really want a surface pro 3… Know of any deals/discounts/programs where one could find a surface 3 for a lower price than usual? :smiley:

To be fair, when I worked for Microsoft, I got asked these questions all the bleeping time. But I did buy stuff from the MS store at a discount for good friends , and set up my old highschool with a lot of free stuff.

But I really want I surface pro 3, did I mention that?

Just… throwing that out there into the universe as my hippy, over-educated wife would say

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OK, we made the leap with one of our systems and, excepting the usual operator errors, it is going pretty smoothly.

BTW, we bought my daughter a Surface Pro 3 and it is really slick. In fact, I’m trying to figure out a way to “borrow” it for my next business trip. Who cares if she graduates from high school anyway?

We should be upgrading our classes to be using Surface Pro 4’s here fairly quickly, of course I’ll be making some suggestions as to where they can dispose of the old Surface Pro 3’s, like in the back of my van but I have my doubts they will go for that, but I’ll ‘throw that out there into the universe’.

If I could only convince them somehow to make a 20" or bigger Surface Pro 4…

Sorry, Duke, but that would be a commercial disaster. Very few people want a tablet that large, and battery life would be horrendous.

For some scenarios, it would be awesome, but those scenarios are pretty limited.

Buy a 20" touchscreen as a secondary monitor for an SP3. That’s what this guy did (not sure if this is the video where he shows the external monitor, but he’s got a whole series on SP3 for music production…great stuff):

You may just want to get a pico projector and a Leap Motion. :wink:

@ ianlee74 - can’t they put a little projector into SP4, I’ve seen some on digital photo cameras, but now with holodeck coming on strong, I don’t know if one needs to … ehm … re-evaluate the options ?

Anything known about gadgeteer project support in VS2015 RC ?

I used plain netmf (in VS2015) and was doing strong until I cracked my PC. At least one thing I noticed, the re-usb thing was gone during deployment and that was end of last year time frame.

i’m also interested in having the builder templates working for VS2015RC.
Anyone has got any idea when this would be available?

Is there some insider knowledge at work in that statement? :wink:

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