White screen

After having Sd card issues, I decided to wipe and re install Tinybooter and firmware. Which I may add I have done before on this board.
I got as far as erasing which went fine, was asked to reset the board and now got a white screen!! When I plug my unit into my pc, i get a unknown device instead of the standard GPS Camera detection.

Is it safe to say, this board is f*** now?

Do you have a good power source or powered HUB?

  1. remove little jumper on ChipworkX module
  2. plug board into PC
  3. your PC should detect it fine (you will see nothing on the display, this is normal)
  4. put jumper back and proceed with TinyBooter update as explained in docs

Yes, I have an external power source supplying 12v.

Ok, I have tried your steps and get a an error from winwdows

USB Device Not Recognized
One of the USB devices attached to this compter has malfunctioned and windows does not reconize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click ths message.

Are you saying a white screen is normal?

Try it on a different computer please…yes white screen is normal if board is erased

ok, Im gettng the same error. Its even shown me some pretty lines in the middle of the screen nice!

If you are positive then you can call GHI for an RMA

Thanks, thats going to take ages I’m in the UK snow…snow…snow plus christmas hoildays!!

Guess, I’ll have to whip out Fez cobra!!

Unplug the whole module and plug it in back.

Thanks, tried it but no go. I’m going to get it sent back to GHI today.


I have also the same white screen after e little message “tiny boo” with a battery of 9v. But it worked before (1 hour).

With the PC with usb, there is not problem…

What is the problem ? The battery is yet low ? or too strong ? is strange…


Please start a new thread. This one is a year old.