White Christmas?

How are you guys doing all over the world? Having a white Christmas? ;D

Here we do. (netherlands - Limburg) current status is that all the salt for the roads is gone, no busses / trains are riding, people are advised to stay at home and there is a HUGE pile of snow outside. :smiley:

No girlfriend today :frowning: Guess it will be a FEZZY Christmas! :smiley:

Merry Christmas you all!

Roads are clean but it is a white Christmas here…merry xmas to everyone

Here in Montreal, Canada region is a all white Christmas and the sun just came out today, it will be a very nice weekend!

My christmas presents are ready at RobotShop, I’m gonna pick them up during my lunch break…

Merry Christmas everyone!

White Christmas here as well. (Belgium)

Merry Christmas to all Fezzers :wink:

Nice erisan, unfortunately it’s even worse here.
That big “lake” of snow just ASKS for a robot (or rc) to race over it :smiley:

Oh how I wish rosvem was already done :frowning: ::slight_smile:

That was one week ago, now it’s worse here too

We have a white Xmas. Woke up to almost a complete cover.

I think the snow’s too deep to take RWAR out, though. The last time I tried that, snow just got clogged up into the truck chassis.

White Christmas here in Chicagoland with big fluffy flakes coming down right now ;D

View out my window


One more

Nice backyard. Wish mine look like that…


here in MN we already had snow since Thanksgiving… so definitely a white xmas~

I would love to take some pictures, but my new camera (for FEZ ::slight_smile: ) is currently underneath the Christmas tree :smiley:

32deg C / 90F here today, no snow on the beaches I’m afraid :slight_smile: