Which pcb designer?

Which tool would you recommend to use when designing and emulating pcb’s with GHI components?

the one you’re already familiar with

Don’t try to re-learn.

If you don’t have a product today, unless you’re going to go into commercial design, I’d suggest getting in as cheaply as possible - ie you don’t want to lay down hundreds or thousands for a package. I’d look at Kicad first, Eagle second, and then is it circuitmaker from Altium (their cheaper one, anyway), as a third.

You need to define if this is for hobby or commercial use?

For hobby, Altium offer a free version of their high end design software called CircuitMaker (which I see Brett already suggested) but your designs are in the cloud for all to see. If you need private then CircuitStudio is an option but not free. I don’t think it does simulation.

For commercial work, the full blown Altium Designer is hard to touch, especially since they switched it to 64 bit and it handles larger design files more easily, especially when you use 3D components. The MCAD integration is great to make sure holes in panels line up etc. I often do 1 off designs where I machine the enclosures on a small CNC machine and then make the PCB and it all fits 99% of the time. There is a simulation option with this. I don’t use it as many of the parts I have don’t have any simulation so I tend to use Tina for any design simulation.

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I use CircuitStudio made by the same people that make Altium it costs about $600 dollars. I think it is a great choice. Free trail https://www.altium.com/circuitstudio/

Why didn’t you try easyEDA.com?
Prepare your PCB with Chrome browser free of charge.
Place order after finish your design at a cheap cost.

I suppose I should clarify it’s more about the circuits, going back a while I use to use proteus, just seeing which tool is best to use with ghi hardware for emulation

Emulation? Please elaborate on what you think you will want here? No spice-like capability in a tool is likely to be able to help you with what the GHI hardware does…