Which is faster ? FEZ Hydra or FEZ Spider?

All is in the question :wink:

When I read spec:

FEZ Hydra, for $79.95, have :
240Mhz ARM9 Processor (currently running at 200Mhz)


FEZ Spider, for $119.95, have:
72MHz. 32-bit ARM7 processor
4.5 MB Flash

Maybe I’ve missing something ::slight_smile:

Normaly, for me, the faster is FEZ Hydra, but maybe I make one mistake :-[

Somebody can help me to understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Hydra hardware is faster
Spider software is better (USB host, wifi, PPP…)

And Hydra run under .Net too ? Not ? And Spider modules can plug on it, no ? So why don’t take Hydra for price less ? ::slight_smile:

Sorry for my newbee question :-[

Do you need USB host? Do you need real wifi support? Do you need to convert your design from gadgeteer to a product based on the emx module?

If you answered yes then get spider.

Do you care about open source? Do you need speed? If yes get hydra.

If I personally had to pick, spider.

Hydra is a Gadgeteer board, so it CAN use some of the same modules as Spider, which is also a Gadgeteer board.

But as Gus says, they are different. If you need specific features or module, you should make sure that the type of socket that it uses is available on the hardware platform you choose. I think Gus’ recommendation of Spider says that it has a wider range of more flexible connection options, plus the added feature of being able to take a prototype you build on Gadgeteer with Spider and take that into a larger product using the EMX module (that is the core of Spider).