Which drivers are required for a user to access vcom and mass storage

Away for a while I’ve been, so my FEZ knowledge has rusted a bit.

I have a Panda II application built using the 4.1 SDK. The application has the user interact with the device using VCOM and Mass Storage, but of course not at the same time.

Am I correct in assuming that the only driver the user will have to install is “CDC_Driver.inf” (Driver Version 2/1/2009,1.0.0000.0)? My tests on XP, Vista, and & Windows 7 show that Mass Storage uses a generic Microsoft Driver, but I need to point the CDC_Driver.inf when VCOM is started.

I would like users to have as simple an install process as possible and have a script written that installs TeraTerm for the communication, but have not found a simple way to install the CDC Driver in the script. I can point to the Auto install for GHI USB drivers, but these don’t appear to include CDC, and I’m sure the auto setup is installing other drivers needed for the SDK.

Any help is appreciated.

I think you need to create a Driver Install Package using WDK

Or you can use RunDLL32.exe with SetupAPI.DLL to do it from command line

Similar to this:

Thanks, Architect - I am reviewing both links now.

I still have a basic question though about only needing the one driver file, “CDC_Driver.inf” for a user to be able to use the VCOM interface. Unless I’m mistaken I don’t think the user needs any of the other GHI drivers, right if the PANDA is only interfacing with the user via VCOM and Mass Sytorage?

I would make sure of that by testing it on a clean system.

I think the INF only specifies what files you need for a particular driver; you still need all those associated files.

I’ve looked at the text in the inf file and it appears the only file references are to system files that were already in the \Windows sub directories. The files are MsPorts.dll, mdmcpq.inf, and usbser.sys. The second link sent by Architect gives instructions for including the driver install in a batch file. I’ll test that, but it looks like it should work.

I wish I could test on a clean machine, but my three test platforms seem to remember the driver once installed. I think I’ll have to go into the registry to remove a key that points to the driver - wish me luck and thanks again.

Here is the full text of the CDC_Driver.inf files if its of interest …

; Installation inf for CDC Interface
; © Copyright 2009 GHI Electronics, LLC

Signature="$Windows NT$"





%CDC%=DDInstall, USB\Vid_1B9F&Pid_F001

%CDC%=DDInstall, USB\Vid_1B9F&Pid_F001




AddService=usbser, 0x00000002, CDC_DriverService


GHI="GHI Electronics, LLC"
CDC = "CDC Interface"
GHI_SERVICE=“CDC Interface Service”

Closing out this question - all your answers helped and testing so far has shown that only the CDC driver is needed, but have not been able to install from a script. When the script is run as administrator it appears to work, but Windows still searches for a CDC VCOM driver when the Panda is plugged in. No big deal as I’ll just have the user point to the driver file when asked. Left unanswered is the Mass Storage driver question, i.e. does the FEZ just require a standard driver supplied with the Windows package?

I could only check one answer as the solution, but thanks to you both.