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Where was Mike Contest Announcement


To celebrate the new year, I am sponsoring another Where was Mike contest. The prize will be a $100 GHI gift card.


To win, you must first identify the specific location of the photo below. I will draw the winner’s name from all those who submitted the correct answer.

To submit your answer, send an email to miker at cranbury dot com with 2014CONTEST as the subject, and the location in the main body.

Following are some more rules:

  1. The winner will be responsible for any charges not covered by gift card.
  2. You must have been a registered community member prior to the start of the contest.
  3. A reasonable number of answers may be submitted.
  4. I reserve the right to post clues
  5. GHI employees may enter, but the prize will be brownies from Zingermans.

Please do not post answers on forum


So far, I have received one answer and it was correct. The answer came from a GHI person, who we all know are smarter than the average monkey. :wink:

Three right answers now…


4 correct entries now.


I trust my answer was correct as I had the guys at Langley fly a drone over it and confirm the location and the dudes at the Crystal Palace checked the photo in their database so I think I should be OK. They asked if I wanted an analysis of the shadows to get a date and time, but I figured that would be over kill and declined.


You guys are funny,
isn’t the answer:
he is in a front of a BIG Cannon?
Cheers :slight_smile:


Actually the specific location of the photo is


I’m actually more concerned about what he’s doing in front of that big cannon with hands down in front of him facing the wall… :wink:


Number of dots on the map indicates that you should have at least 40 correct entries :wink:


Just to keep things correct… That is not me in the picture. :-[


What dots on map?

Five correct entries now…


Dots on this map:



Looking at that map and the densities I’m wondering if geeks on the eastern side of the US are much smarter and hipper then geeks on the western side as it seem the eastern side of the US has far more Gadgeteer dudes and we all know that using Gadgeteer is a definite sign of superior intelligence and future vision.

In Canada there are only 19 people living there and all of us are Gadgeteer dudes.


If only there were a module to thaw the ice, I could get all the folks in the Toronto area to buy one.

A lot of us are without hydro due to the freezing, ice and snapping trees.


Ah, that map. It is interesting that there is only one dot in Nova Scotia.


Sorry to hear that. Freezing rain can do a lot of damage for sure. It did in Ottawa when I lived there.


Currently there are five correct answers.

Everyone who submitted a answer had it correct. So, it appears that there is a “standard” method for determining the location shown in the image.

Less than twelve hours until the contest is over. Get to work and find the location!


I would say the “standard” method is: been there or not ;D


wicked, i thought “America” wouldn’t be close enough :whistle:


@ Justin - your answer was disqualified because you did not specify North or South America. :naughty: