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Where to next?


Hello All,

Having experience with the Fez Domino, I’m wondering where I should go next. I’m pretty power hungry so I’m thinking Chipworx, but I’m more inclined to go EMX (i.e Panda).

Any advice?


How about cobra?


Panda does not use EMX!
FEZ Cobra uses EMX Module.

I would recommend FEZ Cobra for you since the options with FEZ Cobra are wider. At least it is sill FEZ that offers easy interfaces and accessories such as the TFT expansion and the enclosure.

Check this comparison document and you will see that you might lose a some must-have features by using ChipworkX for your project. For example, ChipworkX IOs are not 5 volt tolerant,everything must be 3.3Volts.


The next thing I worry about is being able to tightly integrate my end solutions. The shape and format of the EMX and Chipworkx isn’t condusive to my final design. If I went EMX would I be able to build custom boards? Would I be able to obtain all the parts?


Yes, of course! You can buy EMX modules and solder them on to your custom board.


You can build a custom board with EMX. The EMX is delivered as a complete solution with the CPU,RAM, cocking on board.

You need to add power, interface connectors (SD,Ethernet,USB Host,USB Client,I/O,LCD, Application circuit)

You can create a PCB that meets your needs. You need to have the correct footprint for the EMX and I am sure the EMX can pick and placed and wave soldered on to your PCB (if your production numbers are high)

But think of this, your PCB design could et pretty simple because the complex parts are on the EMX.


Nah what I mean is that I want to have the parts of the module so that I can arrange them differently on my custom board, with the other devices.

So far the EMX trumps Chipworkx in terms of features, but will I miss the power? EMX is 72 mhz while Chipworkx is 200 mhz. In terms of price only the chipworkx offers more power (albeit less features) then the EMX.

If the EMX came as discrete components would it be cheaper still?

The intended format is about the size and shape of a flash drive.


EMX module design is really very compacted and very complex. It is an 8-layer PCB with almost everything BGA parts.

EMX module comes only as a package (hardware + software). We took the hard part of the development for you. Why do you want to make it more difficult on you? ;D


Lol… intrestingly enough my teachers always said that I solve the hard problems easier.

Yes, I know it’s complex :slight_smile: The intent is to have a PCB manufacturer produce the 8+ layer board with all the components in place. I just need to know that it’s possible even though I’m not planning to do it tommorow or something; more like a few months.

(Can’t talk about the solution on the forums)


Then everything is possible. but everything needs cost, time and quality balance too. 8)


EMX it is then