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Where to get the 3pin eblock plastic holders?


Hello all,

I was just wondering where to buy the plastic holders which hold the PCB which you use with the 3 pin eblocks?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


can’t buy them anywhere :slight_smile:


Uh, if I cannot buy them, how come GHI and INEX got them? :stuck_out_tongue:
Are they custom made?


Are you talking about these:


No, the black plastic holder for the PCB, as shown above :slight_smile:


GHI sells the plastic holders for less than $2 with a cable.


Haha that’s an option, but not ideal.
I want the plastic part, which should only cost a few cents. :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, if you buy 10,000 at a time :slight_smile:


Yep :frowning:


Wait a sec, the IR transmitter with cable is $1.78, and the cable by itself is $1.99…


Not sure what it would cost, but you could always try something like Ponoko,


[quote]yes, if you buy 10,000 at a time

Hmm I wasn’t thinking of 10,000, more like 100 :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes I could try ponoko, but still I would need to buy larger quantities.


Didn’t you have a 3D printer? :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I had, lol :smiley:
Want to buy me one? ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding Ponoko quantity, not true! You can design and buy one. They charge based on time spent by the cutting/milling process. For a simple design like this, should be (relatively) cheap. They leave it to us to put in the time for a well thought out design.