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Where to find porting kit documentation



On the old forum I found a reference to a Porting Kit relating how the NETMF is tied to the hardware.

I’m specifically looking for a G400.

Can I get pointed in the right direction please?


Sorry, the G400 does not have a port that you have access to (it’s GHI proprietary). Why don’t you explain what you’re after rather than what doco you’d like, as it’s probably easier for us to help you get what you want our of the system as-is than tell you how to redevelop netmf for a board.


Makes sense. I’m comfortable with both hardware access to ARM micros using C and FreeRTOS, and also with C# on the desktop, and am just coming up to speed on NETMF. I am looking to understand how the .NET features are attached to the hardware - a lot of stuff I am used to dealing with has been abstracted away.

E.g. is DateTime.Now fundamentally different from the SPOT.Hardware.Utility.GetMachineTime call? They could be retrieving the data from the same source (hardware timer), or .Now() could get getting the RTC clock time which will drift at a different rate compared to the system clock.

Or - how are System.Timers implemented? Is it some kind of interrupt attached to a hardware timer so I can expect pretty good timing accuracy? Or would be doing a Thread.Sleep() equivalent because this is non-realtime?
That kind of thing.

I read the intro documentation, but it is geared towards extreme beginners. I’m looking for something I can sink my teeth into.


then in that case, you and @justin should have a chat, but you should grab an STM32 based board that you can peruse the contents of the port… a Cerberus based board would probably do.


So @justin - can we have the chat that @Brett indicated I should have with you?
I’m not sure where I could find the contents of the STM32 based port as indicated.


@williamg - give me an email: justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

I almost feel dirty being pimped out by @Brett:joy: