Where to find Gadgeteer Modules at the lowest price?

Just wondering if anyone has any websites they go to when purchasing their Gadgeteer Modules?

I say this, simply because I ordered off of http://www.ghielectronics.com and the Fedex charge was about $43.83 and an extra ~$21.00 at the door (I felt a sharp pain in my stomach having to fork over that much). So next time I either need to go with a different site whos shipping charges are not as high, or use a slower shipping method (for ~$20.00 less) and pray that they don’t charge me at the door too, or else I’ll have to pretend I’m not home! I have to admit though, I loved the 2-day shipping with Fedex… Could get used to that…

That doesn’t sound right. Where was the order shipped to?

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

it sounds like you shipped international and got charged for customs by FEDEX …

Jay Jay, that’s exactly what happened.

@ KevinDB9 -

I’m right across the border in Burlington, VT, and head up to Montreal every now and then for some fun. I would be happy to being along some “gifts” to save you shipping and customs cost. Or we could do it the other way around, if you make it down here at all.

There is USPS option which is lower. Of course the tax you paid was to Canadian government not GHI :slight_smile:

Hey Gus,
i know this works in the US not sure about Canada… why not add an option for GIFTS and mark the packages as a GIFT… because custom do not USUALLY charge for gifts…

at least i don’t get charged customs for the gifts i order from CHINA :slight_smile:

ransomhall That’s very generous of you. I unfortunately never head up to VT, but whenever you purchase something, feel free to check with me and see if I am heading in that general area :slight_smile:

Gus How long would the USPS take to ship to Canada? Yeah, gotta love Quebec, highest taxes in all of Canada. I’m assuming the customs charges would still be applied if shipped via USPS, no?

Jay Jay that’s an awesome idea, or GHI can always find a provider in Canada :wink:

But usually FEDEX calls you and asks your permission before they represent you at the customs… you could refuse and go down there and fight for your money, and rest assured that FEDEX will not do it for you, as a matter affect they will charge you for the service…

Jay Jay, they never called me, the bastards! Too much of a hassel to go and fight for my money at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

USPS is always better, because some packages especially those marked Gifts clear customs at no charge… but if caught you will get the slip to visit the customs office and pay for the goods or talk your way out of it :wink:

Edit: but it is slower of course…

Because that is technically illegal. I have, however, noticed that everything from China is marked as a gift. For a recent $300+ order I did at Seeed, the customs package was marked as containing $5 worth of gifted resistors! Hah!

Don’t think it is illegal since Amazon and Ebay, Macy’s you name it all have that option…

That option is given to you the purchaser, which means that you also accept the liability if fraud is discovered. Who from customs is going to check through your “presents” though? Nobody. I realize I’m splitting hairs here, maybe “technically” should be in quotes. Customs only cares if it’s a big order intended for resale. Those are harder to prove as “gifts”.

GHI doesn’t do that but you can check with distributors. There are many of them.

I’m in Calgary and I use USPS Priority Mail International when ordering stuff from GHI Electronics (waiting to place another big order when the next batch of new modules comes out, soon I hope), but I’m pretty sure USPS hands it off to the slowest dog team available. The price always seem reasonable given I’m not going postal when its delivered.

My BioLite Stove had a hefty delivery charge but I got an email from them (unsolicited I might add) explaining the problem and that FedEx would be sending me a partial refund. Pretty much sealed the deal that I would be ordering some more for gifts for family and such.

You see what you did ransomhall, you brought out the paranoid one in GUS… now we will never get gifts from GHI ever… LOL

GHI is free to send you or anybody else gifts whenever they want. The sketchy part comes when someone outside the US pays for an order and then they mark it as a gift to “help them out”. That is fraud. As Gus sad, that’s also what distributors are for. Moral of the story - Patience can save you some coin! It is a simple fact that 2 day shipping outside the US is going to be pricey.

I’ll get off my soapbox now (something unrelated to this forum does have me fired up a bit more than usual :).