Where to buy mbed boards

I need an mbed board with Network for a project.
The SDK I want to use (I need OPC UA) offers an Eval-Kit including an
NXP OM13063 demo board.

I would this then connect to our G120 based custom board via UART.

Does anyone have an idea where to buy similar mbed boards, or may be this demo board in Europe?
Would be good if the board would not be discontinued soon, what I fear can happen any time if I use the demo board.

How about this Freescale board, it supports mbed.


$35 I think.

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Look this:




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That’s strange.
The company that sells the OPC UA SDK I need writes in their documents, that the LPC4088 Quick Start Board which is also part of their Evaluation Kitt costs less than 5$ (which I didn’t really believe). But I guess they meant the CPU only.

The Seed Arch/Pro looks like an good alternative, even it is a pit larger in size.

LPC4088 QuickStart Board :