Where I've been

Hanging out in Queenstown, New Zealand.

I miss silicon valley :frowning:


Well. None of the photos I attached seem to have shown up.

They have now.

Great pictures. Great to be away from cellphone towers :slight_smile:

Thanks! I should get a real camera. Those were all from my beat up Note 3.

Finally back at home, too tired to unpack

You miss Silicon Valley? Hahaha

Looks better than Silicon Valley to me.

It is hard to work with this office view.


@ Wolfgang Feneberg - If that’s your view, then we are packing up and heading that way! ;D

@ Gary

I have every day this view. You see this view from our scrum meeting room.
You can not focus on C#, WPF, and other strange things in the process.

When i look past my monitor I see that (see Image).

Terrible isn´t it?

I see cycling, hiking, paragliding and to ski over 2000m (2h away) - not working. :wall:


@ Wolfgang Feneberg - That is absolutely terrible, I don’t know how you can work in such conditions. :smiley:

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@ Gary

My daily torture - but somewhere should the money come from. 8)


Well to add to the beauty, we just had a 6.2 quake today :confused:

you are in Chch now, and you’re from California. Should be used to that ?

It was quite a sequence of shakes over the 24 hours or so, 4.4, 5.1, 6.3, 4.2, 4.1. Could be an interesting ANZAC day tomorrow. Stay safe!

I guess New Zealand wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the geological activity.

Still, it is a little unnerving.

I got partially buried in the 7.1 1989 Loma Prieta quake, working in Saratoga, california. The plaster walls of our office building collapsed and I was covered in shelves of old hard drives and computer monitors.

The couple whose house we lived in for a year here before just moving recently… the woman was one of the few survivors of the CTV building that collapsed and killed 115 people a few years ago during a big quake. She was on the 5th floor and miraculously rode the rubble down to the ground with no injuries while the rest of her office colleagues were killed.

She and her husband just went on a 1 year sabbatical to recover (we rented their house while they were gone)… while they were away they got caught in that killer snow storm on the annapurna trail in nepal but managed to survive. They came back just a few days ago… and BLAM another 6.2 quake. She must be pretty stressed.