Where is the Question check box?

Is it a bug or was the question check box for new entries removed?

I don’t see it anymore. But the way things going I don’t blame GHI of it not being there.

Sorry, I forgot to mention this but today we decided ot hide this feature and listen for feedback from you guys.

In our opinion, this feature was not used properly and caused noise than help. So let’s see how many users think they are missing something when they are not finding the feature.

There is no way to mark “open questions” as answered anymore. Are you going to make them regular posts eventually?

I know that there where a lot of unanswered questions, because some people forget to mark the correct answer.
On the other hand the Check box and the “mark as answer” button where also not very visible, specially for newbys.
May be some notifications to the questioner if no response was marked as answer after a while would have helped.

Personally I miss this feature. Also because it was a good way to improve your ranking by doing something “good” instead of spamming around . :whistle:
Also I am someone who gets a real boost when getting honored fore something.


I think setting up a stackexchange-type site would be more helpful for a QA-type setup. It discourages the forum mentality, and questions are much less likely to turn into discussions and wander off-topic. It’s also easier to find questions and answers, because they’re tagged and indexed.