Where is MemoryStream Class?

Anyone know where the MemoryStream class is in NETMF 4.2? It’s supposed to be in System.IO namespace (mscorlib.dll), but I can’t seem to see it. The VS2010 object browser doesn’t show it, but it’s supposed to have been around since NETMF 3.0.

It is inside System.IO.dll

System.IO namespace is shared between multiple assemblies.

The System.IO Namespace is distributed over several dll’s.

according to the NETMF PSDK docs it’s in mscorlib.dll
If you add a reference to it and add the System.IO using you should be able to use it.

Edit: Double Post :wink:
Edit 2: I wonder who wins: mscorlib.dll or System.IO.dll

Thanks, guys. It’s actually in System.IO.dll.

Looks like the Microsoft SDK documentation has a typo: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh435409.aspx

It erroneously identifies the MemoryStream class as residing in the mscorlib.dll assembly.

Actually it has a lot of typos :frowning:
Specially the assembly info is often wrong.
But also method overloads are missing or the other way around.
This makes it even harder for new people to get in.
MS really should do something about this. I do not even know how this can happen if you auto generate the docs.
Some parts look like copied from the ful .NET docs, other look like hand made.

Whole classes are missing in docs. AnalogOut for example.

Agreed. The descriptions of what the classes/methods do are absolutely minimalist when compared to big .NET. Good thing this forum exists!