Where did the navigation bar go?

The navigation/search/login tool bar seems to be missing (seems to coem and go over last few days.)

Search is in the dropdown submenu under “Forum”. login/logut all the way on the right in the top menu bar.

Well that is far less than obvious. Generally it seems that the very top row should be site navigation and the middle, now missing section would be a context menu of things to do on this part of the site.

How is a new user (or even an experienced FEZZer) supposed to figure out that the Search tool is hidden under the forum button?

I asked the same question
The search in the main menu will not work at all.

I think we want it easier for users to search for things so they do not asked questions that were answerd already. There shouldn’t be a search page but instead a place right on this page where they enter what they need and hit a little search button

Or something that I am sure most of us used to.

“Quick search” option right on the forum page with:

  • an edit box for search string
  • a button to do the search
  • and a link for “advanced search” page which will have all the options (search by user,etc.)