Where did MultiColour LED go?

The hardware seems to be discontinued: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/smart-multicolor-led-module-net-gadgeteer-compatible-p-983.html

And now that I have migrated to 4.2, the driver software seems to be unavailable too.

Has the software moved somewhere else, or is the a “deprecated” area from which I can download it to continue using the hardware I have already bought, or failing all of that, is it possible to get the source so as to make a port of it myself to keep using hardware I have already bought?

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Hardware is still available here https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/449

I have the latest 4.2 SDK from GHI installed, and the “MulticolorLED” is visible in the toolbox for me. Can you confirm you installed the latest GHI SDK from the support section? Remember it’s a 3-step install, first VS, then netmf SDK, then GHI SDK (that installs several things behind the scenes)

http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/SourceControl/latest#Main/Modules/GHIElectronics/MulticolorLed/Software/MulticolorLed/MulticolorLed_42/MulticolorLed_42.cs is the driver code - all the code should be on codeplex, if you ever need it - but you shouldn’t !

I have checked on another PC (also with 4.2 installed) and MultiColourLED IS in the list of available parts, so it’s probably just a PBKC issue.

I spent a lot of time installing and uninstalling different versions of the toolkits; the problem was that I had a Hydra and a Spider that had sat unused in a box so long that they would not talk to the current software, so I had to update the loader and TinyCLR from scratch, and I must have messed up some other part of the installation in the process.


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Glad to hear you’ve got it working.