Where did all the tutorials go

Am I losing my mind or did the GHIElectronics website -> Support -> .NET Microframework (http://www.ghielectronics.com/support/.net-micro-framework) used to have tabs for .net and Gadgeteer tutorials? I relied on those pretty heavily but can’t find them now. Can someone point me at them?

Thanks - Gene

We are waiting on reply from GHI. Meanwhile you can search for them on Wiki:


Which module are you looking for?

Both the sites you guys pointed me at have some of the tutorials I’m looking for l but the website I remember from just a few days ago was really nicely organized by module for both .netmr and gadgeteer. I’ll wait for the answer from GHI but the links you guys gave got me what I need for now.

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My sincere thanks.

Yeah that page is missing right now. GHI has just redid their main site completely. I am sure they have good plans for that page because as you have said it was extremely useful.

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@ Gene - Ok, found where the Gadgeteer Module Tutorials links are now. Each link has been moved to corresponding Module’s Resource tab (see the image).

I still think that one page with all the links together, as before, would be helpful.

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They are all coming back. We have hired new people and all they are doing is documentation. New website was up yesterday and documentation is what follows by the end of this month.


Excellent! Thank you for the update!

Very good, thanks very much.


It is all back and in one place - nice!


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Very nice, many thanks.

Great news.