Where can I find documentation / support for Grommet or MFToolkit

Just found: http://grommet.codeplex.com/

But I cannot seem to find any documentation.

For example, the following code blocks forever on module.Open();

var module = new XBeeModule("COM2", 9600);

The open method of the XBeeModule.cs file looks like this:

public void Open()
    SerialPort.DataReceived += dataReceivedEventHandler;
    SerialPort.ErrorReceived += errorReceivedEventHandler;

    AutoResetEvent ev = new AutoResetEvent(false);
    PropertyChangedEventHandler handler = (sender, e) => { if (e.PropertyName=="Identifier") ev.Set(); };
    CurrentNode.PropertyChanged += handler;
    CurrentNode.PropertyChanged -= handler;

i.e. the AutoResetEvent is never set,
but due to the lack of documentation I cannot determine if this is
a bug or simply me using the library incorrectly…

UPDATE: the MFToolkit http://mftoolkit.codeplex.com/ also has xbee support but no documentation either… any suggestions?

You’re missing some code here, what is CurrentNode and where does it get created? Are you sure that CurrentNode fires the PropertyChangedEvent when whatever Refresh does is called?

Have you seen this:


@ Ron2 not my code, that’s the point :stuck_out_tongue:
@ Architect, I’ll have a look

Have you tried stepping through the code or putting a breakpoint in the serial data received method?

@ Ron2
No, because, my point was that there are great projects out there but no documentation.

In the end I just implemented some code myself, in order to understand the concept.

Thnx for the suggestions though :slight_smile:

Since I did not find support or information on existing projects,
I’ve started with my own implementation.

If anyone is interested, let me know.

I am sure someone will need it sooner or later we always love to see more shared drivers and projects