Where can I buy this book?

Seems to be Kindle only, is there ANY source for it in printed form? Seems there are only a few books on this anyway, anyone recommend?



Not sure where ot get it but there is a free book posted on our support page, however it is all VB. Examples are simple enough to change to C# though.

That link shows that it is paperback. The preview states that it is Kindle only as there is no preview of the paperback version.

Yes I saw that page - they want 70 bucks for the paperback - looks like these electronic book publishers/vendors may obsolete the printed word sooner rather than later, that will be a terrible shame.

I’ve always loved books since I was a very young child and I have a nice library in my home, it makes me rather sad to think future generations might end up rarely seeing a real book - like Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.