Where Can I buy the Microsoft Surface Pro in US

Where Can I buy Microsoft Surface Pro in US.
My friend may go to US next month. So I can ask him to bring one for me.
But I need tell him where can buy it without online shop.

Probably any Microsoft Store. Check their site for the city he’s traveling to.

The Pro isn’t out until the beginning of February. The 3rd IIRC.

He’s coming next month :wink:

Feb 9th buddy… great choice btw

I wish I knew someone who was going to the US in February and coming down under :frowning: They’d have a Surface Pro in their bag with my name on it for sure.


See if Rob Mawston (works for MS) is going to the MVP summit - he may be able to bring you one back. I’ll ping my MVP/ASPInsider buddies and see if any of the Aussies are coming and see if we can hook you up.

OK,thanks, I will find where the Microsoft Store is.

Rob is sitting across from me in the office this afternoon - I don’t think he’s going but I could be wrong. But yeah I do have some colleagues who are going to be there in Feb, but I think just before they go on sale.

PS: don’t bother with trying to hook me up with the others - while I’d love one I am honestly waiting until they’re released here, and my Surface RT is keeping me just fine for now :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize y’all worked in the same office :wink:

I think they go on sale Feb 8th, we’ll be there the 17th-23rd.

Let me know if you change your mind.