Where are the mesh networks?

We have visited and revisited this over the years and never officially supported any of the networks as it seemed to be too early. Do you agree? Here is an example This Is It For The Particle Mesh Network | Hackaday

While not ideal for some uses, WiFi still seem to be the strongest option. Which is what we have focused on for TinyCLR 2.0.


Battery operated devices all want low power networks. Zigbee seems to have been what industry is adopting in place of wifi. LoWAN / LoRa seem to be what is being adopted for long range sensors. I agree mesh for the endpoint sensors = bad idea. I think hub and spoke is best. Cellular hub with LoRa spokes.

You should see what i’m building :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Yes, lets see it :slight_smile:

A similar thing being developed here for a client.

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So is Lora and way to go and what chipsets/ modules do you use?

@Gus, if you put a LoRa radio on a TinyClr module, I’m buying the hell outta that :wink: (brand loyalty for the win)


I have an SX127X NetMF LoRa library which has generic samples and for @Justin’s Nexus device GitHub - KiwiBryn/RFM9XLoRa-NetMF: C# Semtech SX127X/RFM9X LoRa library for .Net Micro framework powered devices
GitHub - KiwiBryn/FieldGateway.LoRa.NexusClient: Ingenuity Micro Nexus NetMF client for my Windows 10 IoT Core LoRa field gateways

The stack has been running on devices around my suburb for ages without any issues.