When will Cerb40 hardware come with a usable RTC?

When will Cerb40 hardware come with a usable RTC, meaning the loading capacitors are correctly chosen? Also, does the loading capacitor issue affect the other mainboards in the Cerberus family, i.e. Cerbuino and Cerberus?

The capacitors for RTC have the wrong values. I am not sure we will do the change without changing the board version as this is a bad practice even if it fixes problems. Maybe on the next board rev when we improve other things.

If we are talking about couple then it is easy to change at the customer’s end. If you have need for 100 or more then we can make sure we have these fixed for you.

Note to other readers: This has no effect on the functionality of the device and you can still get and set time in NETMF. We are only talking about keeping time when using a backup battery with main power is off. This is rarely used by most users.

For the hackers amongst us, can you guide us with what we should apply?

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This should be on wiki and if not I will forward this to the right guys to handle.

How about the other boards in the family, are they affected?