When these methods will be available in TinyCLR (System.Drawing)

Currently I’m trying to use anything to build UI components in TinyCLR, but I need some methods that available in NETMF but they were missing in TinyCLR (System.Drawing.Bitmap / System.Drawing.Graphics). When these methods will be available in TinyCLR ?

Seems System.Drawing is a always difficult library to port across.
DotNet Core 2.0 is only just now starting to get parts of it.
I think its because a lot of the library has dependencies on Windows GDI and other Hardware acceleration bit & bobs!
Its a HUGE collection of libs, but maybe if you just need afew bits that dont then depend on too much, you might be able to get them out and implement your self from Mono, or maybe DotNetCores implementation…?

Good luck!! I’m in similar boat with needing something in Core that’s just not there yet…!