When are we going to hear more on Medusa and Lynx?

We had some teasers and apparently something was shown in Detroit, but other than that complete silence. Come on, don’t leave us hanging!


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Not sure about Lynx … but as for Medusa:


But that was more than a few days ago.

Insiders already have some :slight_smile:

That is great for the “insiders”, but what about us poor outsiders?



Yeahh! Come on!

Wrote and deployed my first Medusa program today.

Arduino IDE : -10
GHI Medusa Arduino Gadgeteer Libraries: +10

Shield or mainboard?

I used the Mini and the S12. I have a shield, but why use it when I have the Mini and S12.

If you have don’t have a programming cable and you have an Uno or the like …

True. You need a USB to serial module to program the Mini or S12.

Since Gus let the snakes out of the bag - definitely DO NOT look into her eyes! You’ll never be the same.

I tested a joystick module on the shield with an Uno. Works like a charm, and I didn’t turn to stone. The accelerometer does not work on the shield, I think because the I sockets are on the 5v side, and the module expects 3.3v. Oh, and thanks GHI for silkscreening the power warning right on the shield.

Thanks for letting us know it is a shield…??

We already knew one of the versions of Medusa was a shield.



Yep, the link in reply #1 shows three types of Medusae