What's the purpose of pulling PA10 & PB5 high on cerb-family boards?

When I was going through the schematics of Fez Cerbuino Bee/Net and Cerberus boards, I noticed that PA10 & PB5 are pulled high to VCC through two 10K resistor. Could some tell me the purpose of doing this?

I loaded the cerb-family firmware onto STM32F4-Discovery board which does not pull those two pins high, I haven’t used those two pins, but everything else seems working properly.

Thanks in advance!

I think these were recommended by st. Maybe things changed over time.

Thanks for the reply, Gus. I just started look into STM32, so I may have missed some context. I thought PB5 was some treatment to SPI-MOSI to ensure it works properly on NFMF.