What's the LCD buffer size on Hydra?

I’m trying to get the size of the buffer that is assigned to the LCD for the Hydra.

In the source file \DeviceCode\Targets\Native\AT91\DeviceCode\AT91_LCD_9RL\AT91_LCD.cpp I’ve found the start address:

static UINT32* AT91_LCD_Screen_Buffer = (UINT32*)0x20F00000;

But I can’t find the reserved size of that buffer. Is there anyone that can help me with this? (Maybe if you build the whole thing you get a .map file?)


Thanks Gus. That means I can safely do double buffering in that space in case of QVGA screensize. By doing double buffering by changing the DMA address instead of copying the backbuffer the rotating cube (solid fill, not waiting for vertical retrace) renders at 280FPS! Love the Hydra.

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@ WouterH - 280 is that all :whistle:

Keep up the top work fella

His engine gets better on a near daily basis. I can’t keep up!

I’ve started adding PicoBitmap to the engine so you can mix 2D with 3D for things like backgrounds and text overlays (a la DirectX style).