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Whats the best way to manipulate XML in NETMF?


Hi All,

What is the best way to manipulate XML on using Net MF 4.1? I just want to change the value of an attribute / the text content of the node.

Any ideas? I can’t seem to find too much on this (Reading XML is fine with XmlReader).




The issue really is how you intend to navigate around the XML.

If you were anticipating using conventional .NET Xpath or XSLT functionality, from my (limited) research, I think that NETMF 4.1 has no native support, but of course, it’s quite possible someone’s built some extensions (particularly xpath-y stuff).

You do have iterators so you can execute a forward walk thru’ nodes via looping code, and it looks like you have the ability to insert and manipulate nodes programatically with System.Xml just as you could in a fuller framework.

As you’ve identified though there really isn’t much in the way of manipulating XML Documents as such except via System.Ext.Xml and doing a back-to-back read-write, and intercepting the process when the attribute you’re interested in is observed. The whole thing starts looking like writing output to a tape drive :slight_smile:

Depending on just how nutty you wanted to go on this, I guess you could pick the XML up in a conventional MemoryStream or a StreamReader with appropriate encoding, and build a tree traverser that walked thru’ tags and manipulated the XML via standard string handling (ugh).


I will upload my code soon. :wink: