What's going on with llilum

Hi All, I’ve hadn’t been doing any NETMF for a while, but i’m back again and having fun. As I remember llilum purported to represent the next great leap for NETMF and is the current focus for a newly reinvigorated team. So what’s the score these days? Is there still momentum at MS for this? Have I missed any big news or announcements?

The current state of Llilum is hard for me to decipher - the last commit to llilum was on 15 May (and that was a small change after a similar drought). I don’t know what’s up with that. Big rev coming? Change in strategy? Attentions focused elsewhere? [I could ask internally, but I couldn’t share that info and I don’t want to mess up the arms-length relationship that allows me to moonlight in related areas, so I am left to guess with everyone else]

It’s open source, so others could carry it forward, but it would be nice to know what those guys are thinking vis-a-vis Llilum’s future.

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@ hagster -

I was on a conference call with Lorenzo and the guys from Multitech about getting Llilum working on the Multitech’s mDot LoRaWAN module via the mbed dev enviroment.

Lorenzo gave a detailed description of what Llilum is to the MultiTech group and they didn’t seem to see any show stoppers on getting it to run on the mdot.

Lorenzo said he would be happy to help anyone who wants to pursue the project. I would like to try, but I just don’t have the technical chops to move forward…yet.

Lorenzo did not give any indication of the path forward on the call because that was not the subject at hand.

Here is a link to a thread where I discuss LoRa / MultiTech call and where Lorenzo @ lt72 chimes in.

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Cheers chaps. So nothing much concrete yet then.

Netmf on mDot and othe radio SOMs would be awesome.

Hmm, is there any mdot related products that might run this port that supports cellular connections. And not only Lora?

@ njbuch - take a look at the MultiTech Conduit and it’s associated mCards.

If we can get Llilum to run on the mdot you can then send data to your conduit and then off to somewhere with hspa.