Whats coming in 2014 from me

All this talk of NETMF disappearing etc has motivated me to write this post now rather than waiting for a TGIF post with the finished hardware…

I believe strongly enough and have talked to enough people that know 1+1 = 2 that i will be continuing with NETMF and here is whats on the cards for Q1… and all ALL the boards will be running NETMF.

Mainboards for mikroBUS and numerous “Click” modules
Gadgeteer mainboards and numerous modules

I also have a couple of commercial jobs for Industrial mainboards and modules talking to the 24v world.

I wouldn’t be investing all this time and effort in a technology that was about to disappear.

And did i mention that i am building some BLE robot projects… :whistle:

So bring on 2014 i say :clap:


Yay, go crazy you little TGIF thing you !!!

I decided to start 2014 early - freshly baked electronic pastries :smiley:

@ Justin - and we thought you had retired… Did you finally give in and give up the day job? :wink:

@ ianlee74 - nah, still juggling 3 jobs 8)

Hats off to your dedication.

like those pictures. Some of them remind me of things I have on my desk here at the moment… :slight_smile:

BTW, I can’t tell if my 7x4 digit display is working or not, apparently there haven’t been any lightning strikes detected by my Bolt module to update the count :slight_smile: