Whats about EVE?

Hi Folks,

maybe this could be of interest:


Could be nice to meet EVE an some Gadgeteer moduls !!

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Wow! Sounds really nice! :smiley:

… thanks for the Input.

I didn’t need a display for now, but it is almost easier to attach a display later or for future versions via SPI as via lot of dedicated signals and huge software changes.

Maybe somebody else is interested in this nice chip.

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We have it already :slight_smile:


@ Gus - can you be more specific please?

Besides using SPI, these are two completle different types iof display technologies. Eve uses high level protocol. N18 manipulates display controller registers directly. Eve also supports audio. I think what Gus ment is that GHI has a module in the works that is based on EVE. Or not. LOL ;D

@ Architect - what I was thinking as well.

Why I not just show you in coupe days? :slight_smile:

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Thanks, looking forward :slight_smile: