Whatever happened to the Gadgeteer Arcade Cabinet?

Adding to what devhammer said, you can also download the SVG design files from there if you aren’t using Ponoko to do the cutting.

I also posted the code and SVG for Flipbook Maker and Arcade Console in their Featured Projects entries, so all the project resources can be found in one spot.

Flipbook Maker: http://www.netmf.com/showcase.aspx?ShowcaseID=2&id=121
Arcade Console: http://www.netmf.com/showcase.aspx?ShowcaseID=2&id=120

(Links are under the project description for now - I might move them to the sidebar though.)

Should have mentioned that the Arcade Console code is an implementation of Snake. We hope people will be inspired to write and share other games for the Arcade Console library though.

Games? Where is skywworks? :slight_smile:


iPhone strikes again!

@ Kerry

Thanks for posting the files. I took the original design and modified it slightly. I used Inkscape to open the SVG, ungrouped the elements, moved the joystick left of center and added mounting points for the GHI button module. I’m going to drill the hole for the button after I receive the parts, so I can size it for a to-be-obtained button cap.

Ordered the modified cabinet from Ponoko today…will post some pics once I have it put together. Now I just have to think of a game idea. :slight_smile:

Oh…ordered mine in clear acrylic, to let all the fine Gadgeteer hardware shine through.

So I have a booth for some books and other fun things at PAX East and I thought this would be fun to show off there as well I have the SVG file from the web but when ordering you are asked for a P1 P2 or P3 size? I just saw the Inkscape thing maybe I can find it there and adding a button is a great idea gives it more potential

@ swestcott

P2. I should have mentioned it earlier, but I ended up having to copy the design from inkscape into one of their templates. Ponoko was very helpful about what needed to be done, and we had it corrected quickly.

Also, make sure that you order early, if you do not have a premium Ponoko account. Orders from free account users get queued, so in my case, it took nearly 2 weeks before my order was made (it just got finished yesterday, so hopefully I’ll get it this week, and can report on the fit and finish).

Thanks next stupid question I am guessing that the thickness of the plastic is important as the way it fits all together

thickness is indeed important. you can tell what it should be from the width of the slots where pieces go together. if they are 6mm, go with the 5.6mm acrylic. this was the thickness of the flipbook maker enclosure, so make sure it is the same for the arcade.

The ArcadeConsole was designed for 3mm material. On Ponoko, it needs a P3-sized sheet. That leaves a fair bit of acrylic left over if you have other stuff you want to make. The material in the Ponoko showroom entry is the correct size/thickness but you might want to choose a different color than I did.

We’re working on an updated design for the FlipbookMaker that will use 3mm material as well. That opens up a lot more material choices, and really the 5.6mm acrylic was overkill unless you’re strapping your Flipbook Maker to a moving vehicle :slight_smile:

Also, if you’re not sure about what material will work for a particular project, Ponoko’s support folks are AWESOME. They’ve caught a couple of issues with stuff I’ve made, and they’ve got a great sense of what materials will work for a particular design.

Uh-oh…when I pulled the files into my Ponoko account from here:

It showed up as 5.6mm P2. Hope that doesn’t mean that I’ll have issues. :frowning:

It’s supposed to arrive on Tuesday, so I’ll report back then.

@ devhammer

If you still have 5mm version can you please send it to me.


@ Architect Sent you some mail…

I just checked the Ponoko showroom and at some point after my test run the material did indeed get switched to 5.6mm P2 :frowning: I’ve corrected it, but if you ordered an Arcade Console during the period when it was incorrect, please let me know and I’ll make sure you get a replacement.

@ devhammer

5mm svg, right? Haven’t got anything in email yet.

They contacted me and I was told it needed to be P3 and that the slots are just over 3mm so I got a 3mm sheet

@ Architect: there isn’t a 5mm version of the Arcade Cabinet SVG. Just the 3mm version, though it could be modified to work with 5mm pretty easily.

Ok, I thought there was one. No problem.