Whatever happened to the Gadgeteer Arcade Cabinet?

Just curious, I remember one of the main reasons I got interested in the FEZ Spider kit was because of that mini arcade cabinet project.

Everything said “Plans to be released soon!” and then…? What ever became of that? The flipbook plans are up on Ponoko but I didn’t see the ones for that mini arcade cabinet!


I would go here and ask that question :wink:


Microsoft responded fairly quickly when people asked about the flipbook maker. They’ll probably do the same with the arcade.

Thank you, I have done that.


Ugh, no-one even responded to my post in the other forum.


@ rossman - unfortunately, activity from MS research folks on that site is sporadic at best.

Great. Microsoft is doing Gadgeteer a disservice with their apparent lack of caring.

Probably more like lack of time. I agree it is annoying, but don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

Oh, I’m not biting the hand that feeds me, I’m expressing my displeasure in a public forum that presumably someone from MS monitors (or, they should anyway). Its important to put this stuff out there, instead of just sitting at home quietly and pouting.

Also, there are a lot of hobbyist kits, Gadgeteer is not the only game in town, so if MS won’t demonstrate their support for the platform it would be hard to recommend it to anyone else, or to further invest in it.

If MS can’t handle hearing the truth and considers it as “their feeding hand being bitten” then that is even more telling.

But look, really they should never have set the expectation that they would release the source files for the gadgeteer kits that got everyone so interested in the platform, if they were never intending to release them (or didn’t care enough to follow through with releasing them)! It’s disingenuous at best.

Stay tuned…a little birdie just told me the plans should be up soon. :slight_smile:

Many apologies. I’ve been down with the flu and not fit for human interaction, even over the Internet.

The good news is, I just got my test Arcade Cabinet back from Ponoko yesterday and it looks great. I don’t think I can post .zip files here, so I’ll post over at the NETMF Gadgeteer forum. I’ll get right on publishing the code, too.

Absence of response is hurting. I made a couple of inquiries previously on a different topic using e-mail address that is posted on gadgeteer site. Haven’t received any response so far.

Left a message on you thread too. May be that will get more attention.

Edit: This was posted before I saw Kerry’s response. :slight_smile:

@ Kerry I hope you get better soon!

thanks Kerry!

That is over the top, don’t you think? You’re reading way too far between the lines. So I used a poor choice of cliches… maybe my post should have been more like “patience, grasshopper”.

Here’s a link to where Kerry posted the files:


A brief aside on support. If you look at the history of growth and success of Arduino, it wasn’t based solely on whether or not the folks who made Arduino provided support. It was based on a community built around the product. Gadgeteer is in its infancy, and as such, there hasn’t been much time for that kind of community and knowledge base to be built up.

Part of the reason, IMO, that things are quieter on the Gadgeteer forums than here is because the TinyCLR forums were here long before Gadgeteer became a reality, and so there was already this established place to discuss GHI’s offerings, and since GHI was the first out of the gate with Gadgeteer products, it became the default for most of us playing with the hardware. If you look at the number of threads in the various TinyCLR forums, the Gadgeteer forum is the 4th busiest, despite having existed for less than a year. That means you’re in good company here.

I hope you will continue working with Gadgeteer, because we’ll need your expertise for the next person who’s new to the platform and in need of a helping hand! :slight_smile:

Hey devhammer,

Yup I got those files already and am modifying slightly to remove the ethernet module and add a button module beside the joystick, to make it a bit more suitable for general purpose games.

I’d also like to clarify, that the above displeasure was directed at MS for being slow to deliver the plans, not GHI. I have been lurking here for awhile before I registered and think GHI runs a pretty tight ship!

Also, please keep in mind, it’s not as though I asked about the plans then the next day started going on about how they weren’t available yet and oh how terribly slow this all is. I gave a pretty decent time window for MS to step up to the plate (even took into consideration that places would be closed/slow around christmas/new years) and it wasn’t until I actually complained that something happened.

Please note that, I do not revel in this. I’m not some internet troll that delights in complaining about stuff. Bottom line is, MS set an expectation, and used the arcade cabinet project as a way to generate huge internet, then only released the flipbook maker plans. Honestly I don’t know about you guys but when I showed people the gadgeteer stuff back when it first came out, no-one gave a crap about the flip book maker, but they were almost univerally over-the-moon regarding the mini-arcade.

So, yeah. It sucks that MS set an expectation and dropped the ball, and it sucks that I had to complain vocally to get something to happen, but whats done is done and the plans are out now…so, problem solved.

I do not think MS delayed or ignored. They are extremely busy with much more important things that will benefit all of us. So what if they didn’t post some file, they are supporting NETMF 4.2 for example. There is a new gadgeteer core drop coming in the next few days as well. We work with these guys very close and we know the huge load of things they are working on. Other things we shouldn’t even talk about! And that is all for free :slight_smile:

So can we give these guys a little time to complete all the cool stuff and I am very much sure we will get more than what we asked for. I am just saying :slight_smile:

(changing subject please) So do you guys know that our 80W laser and CNC machine in now in USA and clearing customs. Very soon we will cut some of those lovely designs MS made for us. Is your credit card ready? Kidding, these will be free to “select” people in this amazing community!

Wow - Gus, you guys have an awesome setup on the way! :slight_smile:

Again, my apologies that it’s taken longer than expected to publish the Arcade Console files. We originally designed it for the in-house laser cutter, but we wanted to make sure it worked with other laser cutters (especially Ponoko). That required some design tweaks and I just received the final test a few days ago.

The Gadgeteer team strives to be really responsive. We’re only a few people, though, and in the last few weeks we’ve all been a bit off-grid - for planned travel, illness, and (in one case) jury duty.

These aren’t excuses, just a view into the life of the team. We’re coordinating to make sure we have good coverage during future busy times.

If there’s anything else that people are looking forward to, please let me know and we’ll get on it right away!

Gus, how long you think before your laser is up & ready? I’m putting together a design I was planning to have Ponoko cut but if you think it won’t be more than a couple weeks then I’ll wait and have you do it.

I will forward your question the customs :slight_smile:

… we do not know when.

For those not following the thread on the Gadgeteer discussion site, Kerry just put the two available enclosures up on a Ponoko gallery:


So now if you want to build one of these projects, you can just make them directly from there.

Thanks, Kerry!