What...What Is That?

This new Holey Board is not for sale, however, I might give you one if…

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    That is the entire FEZ Spider Tinker Kit.

;D Holey Moley! I like the name.


Yeah, great name. :smiley:

Is that a FEZ Spider II?

That’s what I’m assuming. ;D

With the last holey board you sent (Thanks!), I’ve managed to fit most of my components on it and it fits inside the old Spider kit blue box with room to spare (If I take out the SD card)

I just wish work hadn’t got stupidly busy so that I had more time to start working on my project.

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Aww… why isn’t the Holey Moley for sale?

I luckily grabbed some holey boards during the $1 sale last year. I originally wanted more, but the extra boards pushed my shipping cost into the next tier. But the ones I got are pretty useful. I’d love a larger version (without having to have one expensively laser cut then also dealing with thousands of tiny acrylic disks all over my floor when I peel the backing off)

@ mtylerjr - Justin does a larger version


Good choice of English there. That could have been “Justin has a bigger one” and become a Nearly Not Safe For Work comment :slight_smile:


That just sounds so wrong @ Dave :naughty: