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What time does GHI open?


I placed an order for local pickup, but I don’t see any hours. Today is the only day I have to pick the items up and it has to be before noon.

Anyone know any hours of operation?


9 to 4 but call ahead please


248 number has been busy for half an hour. Goes straight to busy signal.


This is why I keep dealing with GHI! Excellent customer service!

Thanks you all! Really looking forward to the future!


You are very welcome


Sounds like Gus personally went to this guys house with flowers for the wife, and some hardware as well… :whistle:

Rare, but sometimes I just want to live in the US :slight_smile:


No flowers but I finally got to meet in person and shake hands. It feels good to finally put a face to a name after knowing somebody for years. I met few people from this community in person and it was always very exiting on both ends. Maybe we will meet with you one day and shake hands.


@ Gus - Sure! Looking forward to see you!