What step did I miss?

Starting to work with a netduino port. Followed the Porting TinyCLR instructions and get the following error:

What step did I miss? It’s not obvious to me…


C:\Users\pashp\Documents\TinyCLR-Ports>build.bat netduino3
In file included from C:\Users\pashp\Documents\TinyCLR-Ports\Targets\STM32F4\STM32F4_ADC.cpp:17:0:
C:\Users\pashp\Documents\TinyCLR-Ports\Targets\STM32F4\STM32F4.h:362:129: error: ‘TinyCLR_Display_DataFormat’ does not name a type; did you mean ‘TinyCLR_Display_Format’?
TinyCLR_Result STM32F4_Display_GetCapabilities(const TinyCLR_Display_Provider* self, TinyCLR_Display_InterfaceType& type, const TinyCLR_Display_DataFormat*& supportedDataFormats, size_t& supportedDataFormatCount);

Which branch of TinyClr_Port do you use ?


Which git branch do you extract ? If it is dev, a lot of change has made from master so .lib file aren’t up to date. Switch to branch master.

Well, I pulled the branch master and it still has the same issue.

The error you got in your first post can only come from the dev branch. I’d check to make sure the file you have on disk for STM32F4.h matches https://github.com/ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Ports/blob/master/Targets/STM32F4/STM32F4.h

TinyCLR_Display_DataFormat was introduced after 0.8.0 and is coming in the next release.

Thank you for the heads up. I have lots of hints and yes, I pulled the dev release instead of the master branch so I will pull the master and check all the hints I have received.