What scenarios will EWR data get lost?

In-Field Update?


It is best to test as I am not 10% sire but I think IFU will not touch EWR.

Ok, I will try it.

Max size?

I run at the moment at about 10k, is it to much?

That’s not a lot of confidence… :wink:

I never typed 10%!! Where did that come from! Crazy spell check!

I hope you are a 100% sire.

10k its for log data, but after reading a bit I see that I should be storing it on SD instead.


I also need to store serial number, but EWR seams to “weak” for this.

I saw PermanentUserKey a time ago but cant find it in ???

There was a “man” that got pregnant …

What I mean by “weak” is that it feels like the EWR is unstable after reading topics about it.

If I set a serial number I must be 100% sire :slight_smile: that it doesn’t drop it…

@ Honken - Today I used the (beta) GHI Firmware Updater Tool to update my G120 firmware from to, and also, just for fun, decided to use IFU to update the firmware. In both cases, my EWR data was maintained.

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@ Iggmoe - Thanks alot for testing this!