What protocol is responsible for popup after wifi connection

In my adventure to create zero configuration netmf based network devices. i run into an issue with Android tablets. I created a dhcp and dns server running on G120 and RS9110 in adhoc mode. All works fine for windows based and Apple based devices.

Android based tablets connects well too and get IP settings from the dhcp server. Starting Google chrome on the tablet and requesting an URL also resolves to a proper IP address from the DNS server. However the browser still wants to connect to google which of coarse fails while there is no internet connection. The tablet is connected 1:1 to the netmf device.

Sometimes when you connect your laptop or tablet to a public wifi hotspot a message pops up, telling extra authorization is needed. When such a window pops up you are requested to click a button and the browser is started.

Maybe i can this procedure as a workaround to start a web application from the netmf device.

Does anyone know what protocol describes this procedure after connecting to a wifi access point?

I guess ist a GOOGLE protocoll called “phone home” :whistle:

This is what you are looking for.

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@ Dave McLaughlin - Thanks so much !

Windows does the same sort of thing. I believe that what happens is that they make a request to a known page, and if some other page comes back (the captive portal login page), then they know that something funny is going on.