What parts do i need for simple display?

Hi. I’m making an instrument panel for the car i’m building and my idea is to do it with 2 normal gauges for the revs and the speedo, and then in the middle a display with all the other info like fuel, temps, pressure, warning lights and flashing icons for the turn signal.

First off i’m new to gadgeteer so i have a question about the platform. does the mainbord have a built in memory for the program? or do i need a SD module?

what modules might i need? as a mainboard i thought a fez hydra+ or a spider, to get enough inputs.

then a “USB Client DP Module” to connect to the board and power it in the car.
An accelerator for fun and a light sensor to maybe to get automatic brightness of the screen.

and of course a 3.5 or a 4.3 inch display.

Anything else i might need?

A big question i have is the input signals from the sensors. The turn indicators might be simple to just connect them to that relay but what module is needed for that? the pressure and temp senders are variable ohm kinds and the fuel level sender has an output from 0.5 to 5 volts. what modules might i need and how do i connect it all up?

I would recommend getting an OBD ii interface board. There used to be a gadgeteer one, but GHI discontinued it. There may well be one availiable somewhere else. Alternatly sparkfun sell one. With this you should be able to read in many vehicle parameters.

You don’t need an SD card to program the mainboards. They have enough spare flash for most applications. Some modules have more than others though so depending on the amount of graphics you want to handle you might want to choose one of the mainboards with more RAM and FLASH.

I have a GHI Gadgeteer OBDII module if you’re interested. It’s just collecting dust somewhere (need to locate it).

ok i’ll have to check if the EMS has ODBII. the engine is from -94.

still have to fix sensors for oil pressure and oil temp since the original motor dont have it (only a oil pressure warning signal), and the tank level. so does anyone know how to hook it up?