What other Touch screen displays are supported on Spider?

I just ordered the Spider kit. I would like to ask if there was a cheaper Touch screen GLCD choice (like this: http://www.tigal.com/1100) than the Display T35 Module that could be used withe Spider and the SW libs?

Thank you


So far, T35 is the only touch screen.

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Sytech do a 4.3" Gadgeteer touch screen [link]

Correct but others had complains about it do please check with manufacture before hand.

I only saw the one guy (Andre) complaining about the debug startup text being garbled because it was output before the app got a chance to initialise it, worked fine with all displaying from the actual application, just a bit messy for the few seconds between power-on and the app being ready for use. I imagine 99% of people wouldn’t care at all, it’s only an issue if you were wanting to literally build a commercial product directly out of gadgeteer parts and wanted it to remain blank right up until the app is booted. Have you seen any other complaints?

I also note that resistive touchscreens seem to often have some kind of standard 4-wire interface, which I have a feeling could be read on two analogue inputs, as I think those touch layers are basically sort of potentiometers in the X and Y directions, where you touch on screen makes a voltage divider in each direction. I think I’ve read of people making use of non-Gadgeteer screens like the Adafruit 128x64 OLEDs, maybe you could stick an adhesive touch layer like the one in TJAG’s link to such a screen - wouldn’t there be some way to plug such homebrew breadboard+extenders touchscreen creations into the classes that already exist supporting screens like T35?